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News Alerts: Liberty Global

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For the eighth progressive year, Dow Jones has named Liberty Global as one of the world’s most manageable organizations working in the media business.

The organization’s supportability procedure has been compensated with a posting in the Dow Jones Sustainability Indices (DJSI) in both the World and North American classifications. Freedom Global accomplice Telenet additionally shows up in the World record and part pioneer among the world’s most manageable media organizations for the seventh year.

Propelled in 1999, the DJSI World Index speaks to the highest quality level for corporate maintainability. Just the top-positioned organizations inside every industry are chosen for incorporation in the DJSI Indices. The lists fill in as benchmarks for investors who incorporate manageability contemplations into their portfolios and give a viable commitment stage to organizations who need to embrace maintainable prescribed procedures.

Freedom Global accomplished a general organization score of 65 points, difference to a normal score of 30 points for organizations working in the worldwide media segment. All the more explicitly, the organization was compensated for its exhibition in the regions of Materiality, Brand Administration, Climate Strategy, Labor Practice Indicators and Corporate Citizenship and Philanthropy.

Freedom Global adopts a proactive strategy to maintainability by dealing with the effect of its business on the earth and society, notwithstanding creating methodologies to guarantee this is imbued in each part of the association. Its Connected Purpose methodology drives the route by setting the organization’s needs in two zones:



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